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Vertical Blind

Vertical on Double Sliding Door



Vertical blinds are a great window covering that provides both light control and privacy. They are excellent options for large windows or sliding doors and are available in many textures and colours to suit any room.

You are also able to choose whether the blinds open in the centre, or drawn from the left or right hand side. Vertical A centre split will allow you to draw open the blinds like curtains.

Blades are available in varying sizes with the standard size being 127mm. The vertical blind can be easily coordinated back to match your Holland or venetian blinds to ensure the windows all consistently match. The adjustable blades are very easy to tilt and allow you to see out without others seeing in. Vertical Blinds also don’t collect as much dust as other blinds and hence are very easy to maintain.

vertical blind close up

Bottom of Chain Style Vertical